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Surviving Covid

Musicians have been hit hard with this unforgiving virus. How to switch from live shows to Internet Zoom or Facebook shows and still make money and feel creative? I can tell you this much: It is not easy. We were so used to the live shows, the feedback from the audience, the merch. sales and so much more. Sitting in my studio with my I pad facing me is just not the same and how do I ask for money while I am doing these online shows? We are hoping for things to go back to "normal" but will it ever and if not how will it remain changed. Besides the few chosen that ride high atop of the hierarchy of performers (financially) it has always been a hard struggle to make a living as a musician. This is definitely not helping the cause. Oddly I have to make myself grab my guitar lately. its almost as if some of those creative juices have been sapped by all of this. I thrive on a smiling face, a hot sweaty environment, applause and even the club owner asking us to turn volume down a bit. The green room that really hasn't been green or clean in years. The smell of old beer soaked wood floors... who would of thought that I would even miss changing clothes in a bathroom without doors. The rides to the gig in a small van pulling the trailer that might just make it up the next hill. The moment of clarity and understanding why I am alive when the sound is perfect on stage and the groove is just right and you feel a bliss that does not compare to anything in the world. The understanding and connection with your fellow musicians on stage when it all just feels perfect. Covid is trying to take that from me and I am not happy about that. lets all do what we can to beat this thing!

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